Hi there ^_^ I am Chibi! My LJ username just means Small/Little Days (in case you're wondering, but I use my nickname from bf). I am a full time Registered Nursing student, current certified nurse assistant, daughter, friend, girlfriend, and mother (to a litto bratty pomeranian haha). When I'm not buried in medical books, I enjoy hanging out with my friends or boyfriend or puppy and have tea and scones.

In my internet life, I am the owner and creator of a small underground webshop called Imperfect Kawaii. I cater handmade polymer clay creations (usually animals, inanimate objects, any requests) used for various things, and also deco accessories to fancy up a daily outfit ^_^ Sometimes I take in requests of making charms of popular things or decoden a cell phone cover. I have been in the business since 2009, and my friends, sister shop, boyfriend, and fans are my biggest motivation in all this~ Aside from that, I am a part time lolita (I think I suck at it, but I love the fashion that I just had to try!) and enjoy surfing the EGL stuff for my needs ;]

Thanks for coming to my journal ^_^
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